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About our cuisine

We love to prepare German, Mediterranean and Thai dishes.

Meals change each day. So there’s no fixed menu, But you’ll always find some of your favorite appetizers, along with various salads and pasta creations, vegetarian delights, and at least one fish main course and different fine meat dishes – and there are always two desserts to choose from.


The Größenwahn kitchen - team:

Auszeichnung journal

We’re pleased as punch that in the Journal Frankfurt Restaurant Guide "Frankfurt geht aus!" Cafe Größenwahn placed first in the list of Frankfurt favorites. In fact, without wishing to boast, over the 25 years in which the guide to the ‘best places to eat” has come out, we’ve placed 1st no less than 23 times – and never placed lower than second. Which we believe attests to the consistent quality of our food and good cheer.

Café Größenwahn’s kitchen team was thrilled to hear that we’d won the award as “best restaurant of the last 25 years”. What greater accolade could there be for our chefs, for the consistently good quality of the dishes they dream up – and last not least for their team spirit. There are three chefs, and all of them bear full responsibility for the kitchen – so melding them into a team is no small  achievement.


10 Jahre Journal
1. Platz Groessenwahn
20 Jahre Journal
1. Platz Groessenwahn
25 Jahre Journal
1. Platz Groessenwahn

In keeping with an ancient Frankfurt tradition, Maundy Thursday (April 13) marks the start of the new Frankfurt Green Sauce season. We then offer our special green sauce until it is Book Fair time in October – and special it is, having won first prize in the famed competition among Frankfurt restaurants for “Frankfurt’s Best Green Sauce” – we’ve made it using the same recipe for 28 years now. And the recipe is included in one of our books.

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